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As a bridal stylist for many many years, here is some advice from consultations, avoiding hair disasters, bridesmaids and my key bridal looks. Enjoy – Sharon x

Bridal Trends for the upcoming season
With the latest range of bridal gowns from the recent fashion week shows all over social media,

there was a mixture of soft flowing ethereal gowns through to structured classics and a nod to beautiful vintage couture. Some fashion houses finished their runway shows with a breathtaking statement bridal gown - a one off show stopper. The hair and makeup is key to these shows and helps set trends for the new season ahead.

As a bridal hair stylist, it’s important to deconstruct what is seen in the shows. Find some relatable details that can be massaged down to fit today’s bride. This is how new season hair trends evolve.

This season we will still see softer down waves, loose deconstructed nape buns and for the more contemporary bride, bigger shapes with a nod to to the 60’s

How to create a great bridal look?
It’s vital to have good finished hair. No nasty frizz or over hair-sprayed looks. Each looks need to suit the bride. Just because it’s in fashion does not mean it for everyone.

My go-to bridal look?
My go to looks are generally a more chic classic chignon shape, smooth and polished with softness around the face. It works with most hair types and works well with crowns and a veil. But consultation is key. I have to push my preferences aside at times and try to work and fulfil the bride’s wish list.

Let's talk bridesmaids! What are the best looks? Should hairdressers make sure the bridesmaids looks complement the brides look?
Today’s bridesmaids are wanting their hair to suit their features and personality.

We are seeing a trend where the maids wear more individual hair styles are requested. Not identical looks as in the past. This trend also follows with the dress chosen.

The maids might have the same colours or tones but choose a style of dress to suit their body shape and style.

It’s much easier for the hairdresser as bridesmaids are happier and they feel more comfortable with their choice of looks. I’m more about individual suitability not a massive fan of everyone looking the same, it just doesn’t work.

Should hairstyles transition into a night, reception look?
A new trend we are now seeing is the bride wearing two different dresses on the day. It’s vital to plan a look for her that will take her from the church/ceremony to the reception.

It’s generally easier to create beautiful down waves or curls for the church and then dress it up for the reception. Always adding a statement piece of jewellery or flowers to complement the evening look.

A trial is a must for the success of the hair on the day. Remember the photo created on the wedding day will last a life time. The hair needs to be effortless and timeless.

Bridal consultation. My golden rule!
A general rule for any bridal consultation is to establish what their vision is for the day. Try to work to create this. This is the day they have dreamed about for years - you become the dream makers.

Alway ask the bride to create a pinterest board of the look and feel for their hair and makeup. Be honest and don’t over promise and underdeliver. If she doesn’t have the hair length or density you may need to discuss extensions. Honesty,. it is vital at this stage of the discussion. If its not technically possible it is vital to get this message delivered in a very professional way and decide on a more suitable option.

Alway look at the facial features, if she is a bigger build, you will need a look for softer options for better suitability.

It’s also extremely important to consider the weather and longevity. Down soft curls don’t last in high humidity or raining conditions.

Bridesmaids tend to ask for a big power pony tail with a small feature braid and add cute hair accessories.

Bridal Services. Are you offering enough to your bride?
There is a huge opportunity for additional services as a bridal stylist.

Colour maintenance and planning the colour program leading upto the wedding is a great opportunity to up sell. Also recommend a series of conditioning treatments to strengthen and restore hydration.

Don’t forget temporary extensions. Some brides buy the cheapest hair extensions that are difficult to work with. I recommend the hairdresser supplies the extensions, so they can be colour matched correctly and charged according. As a professional bridal hairdresser, you must offer a full professional service. This way you can control the out come on the day.

And please recommend the correct shampoo and styling products prior to the wedding to guarantee the perfect hair outcome.

What must a hairdresser do to avoid a hair disaster?
To avoid a possible hair disaster on the wedding day always do a trial four weeks before. This way you can experiment with products for the hair type and the best tong size to achieve long lasting curls. This time frame gives you time to practice if the look is tricky. It’s your reputation on the line, don’t let your self down.


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