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Follow my 14 blow-drying tips and tricks to guarantee long lasting, sexy voluminous curls and movement.

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1 Towel dry the hair after shampooing to remove excess moisture before drying the hair.

2 Only apply product once the hair is 50% dry so the strength of the product is not diluted by excess moisture in the hair.

3 Add a styling product and heat protector before drying the hair for added texture and body and to avoid damage to sensitive or chemically damaged hair.

4 Also use a lower heat on the dryer if the hair is damaged to avoid the hair from heating up too much internally.

5 Always dry the hair from roots to ends to along the hair shaft to help lay the cuticle flat along the shaft.

6 Select a brush with a ceramic base to allow the hair to dry evenly internally and externally at the same time.

7 If you desire a sexy curl result select a brush with a diameter that wraps the hair around twice to ensure you create a complete curl result.

8 Always section the hair before drying to help simplify the process.

9 Clip each section after drying with a long clip till the hair is completely cooled down for maximum curl result.

10 Hold the dryer around 6 cm away from the hair to avoid frizzing the hair.

11 For maximum volume and height, wind the brush down to the roots with tension and dry the base at the roots complete before winding out.

12 Don't over dry all the moisture from the hair as it will fry and look dehydrated.

13 Use the cool shot to help set the curl before you remove the brush.

14 REMEMBER: Tension, heat and cool is the key to a successful blow dry!


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