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Stunning finger waves have been a styling staple for decades. They have continued to evolve from the sleek tight wave formation to the more dishevelled option we see today. 

When you look back to the 20s through to the 40s era, more traditional classic waves were very much the trend compared to the waves being created now. Today’s waves are more broken up, styled loosely and not as defined as in past decades. 

Compare waves with the classic Bob Cut that has been part of hair history forever - the wave is no different. It’s the way the technique is interpreted and its evolution of a modern edge and the way it is delivered brings waves into the now. 

Different types of waves
When you think of glamorous waves, my mind always goes back to the classic Hollywood Stars during the 40s era - Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake. Their beautifully waved hair was one of the most striking examples of Hollywood waves so often spoken of today. This wave is achieved using either a round barrel tong curl or a set with hot rollers. Once brushed through, the set was moulded into a defined ‘S’ shape wave with a strong trough and peak formation. 

Boho waves is a retro rendition of the hippies 70 era. The boho wave today is achieved with a straightening iron, giving a ribbon flat wave and then comb out for a soft, fluffy and wavy texture.

Currently, there are many new wave techniques being developed and different options being promoted. From using a twisted round blow-dry brush dry method to pushing in an ‘S’ shape formation with the hand while clamping the set with a straightener. Various tong techniques such as tricky twists and swirls that deliver waves with straight ends or bends mid-way along the hair - the finished looks are a modern version of Hollywood Glamour Waves from the bygone eras.

3 key tips to perfect and long lasting waves
It is important to know how you visualise the finished result prior to commencing styling. Once determined, it becomes apparent what tool you need to use.

The preparation is vital regardless of what your finished look is. Layering products to build up hair texture is very important to ensure longevity of the waves and the hair performance. 

To create long lasting waves, remember these 3 rules...
1.The correct heat of the tong (180 degrees) – nothing too hot so you don’t cause damage to the hair
2.The tension used - the more stretch the stronger and longer lasting curl result
3.Allowing the curls to be clipped into place while it cools down

Product tips - which styling products to use and when…
Add moisturising creme to damp hair if the porosity of the hair is compromised. Depending on the thickness of the hair, add medium hold mousse and/or a thermal spray to build up texture in the hair, especially if you’re working on finer hair. Smooth the cuticle of the hair with a round brush for a polished finish. Use a thermal spray when creating the curl and remember to make sure each curl is clipped in place while hot and allowed to cool down before styling the hair. 

Interested in becoming a waves master?

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